Welcome to the world of streetwear and mental health

As a customer and friend, we understand that sadness and anxiety can sometimes come in waves and can be overwhelming. We want to give you a place where you can wear your emotions as well as confide in us so that we can help you during these times.

We want you to feel at home here--to give you a space that makes it easier--and be yourself. We don't expect you to hide or conceal your feelings about mental health or wellness any more than we do for physical health. We hope what you find will help you learn more about us and the products we carry, but most importantly—you're here because there's an authentic clothing company out there that deeply cares about your wellbeing and mental health.

Take a deep breath and embrace your emotions.

Sad Sad Club is a streetwear clothing brand that wants to build a safe space for mental wellness. We believe it represents many emotions and feelings of resilience that people can relate to. 

Our brand is focused on understanding mental health and wellness as a concept, rather than as a diagnosis. We want to build a community that fosters a safe space where we can all express our emotions, thoughts, fears and triumphs. Together, we will learn about each other's trials and tribulations, so that collectively we may start healing.

We are a small but growing community of individuals that believe in the power of unity and love. We believe clothing is the ultimate symbol of our individuality, and we embrace the beauty and uniqueness in everyone. Our goal is not to build clothing lines or brands, but to foster healthy mental health practices by being a safe space for individuals who need validation and support.

Welcome home.